Freed of Dust and Heat

I got an extra studio for the past three days in the Central Trak artist residency (thanks Charissa! ), so I could paint and varnish the Brain modules without the heat and (more importantly) the dust. We will have enough of those out in the desert.........

The studio had to be vacated tomorrow morning before the cleaning lady comes, so I put in some really long working hours, but managed to get it done and just varnished the last layer so it can dry overnight.


Dreamyourtopia Border Patrolcar

I am currently working with the people of Skinz on getting my Chevy Caprice stationwagon transformed into a Dreamyourtopia Border Patrol Car, so the Department of Dreamland Security can drive around in the desert and randomly arrest unsuspecting citizens.

Anyone not carrying proper ID's might be arrested and taken into Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia for further interrogation, which might lead to issuing the Passport to the Land of Dreams, thus preventing any future problems.

After all the Department of Dreamland Security is here to protect and to serve!


Brain Painting

I started working on painting the brain structure on the entrance skull parts.
Transported all from the Continental Gin Building to my studio at Central Trak,
and layed the front of the skull out in the parking lot to see all at once and make the different parts fit seamlessly when painted.
But with temperatures above 100 Fahrenheit/ 40 Celsius a parking lot is not the place you want to use for painting. The tarmac to hot to kneel on, the wooden parts to hot to put your hand on and the water you're drinking has already evaporated before entering your body......

So I cleaned up the patio in front of my studio and moved all the parts inside. It's still hot, but at least shaded.

Lots and lots and lots of curvy lines to paint. And the color I'm using doesn't cover in one coat. Some call this kind of work meditative, some call it boring.......

But I'm finally getting almost there. When I finish these 4 panels, I'll have another 12 or so to go.


WORK IN PROGRESS.............


Work in Dallas has started.........

Work started from the first day we arrived back in Dallas, now a week ago.
Working on the pink "brain" combat fatigues, getting helmets, badges and other Dreamarmy gear, setting up a studio and living space at the Central Trak artist residency, collecting CCTV camera's and other surveillance stuff, picking up my little bar from customs, including a visit to (very appropriate for this project) the Department of Homeland Security, getting wood, paint and other stuff and visiting the printer for getting all the colors and designs right for the Passport to the Land of Dreams etc. etc. etc.

Getting all ready for the big Road Trip adventure starting beginning of next month.

And trying to get used to the Texas heat and the fact that unlike Amsterdam this is not Bike-, but Car-Country.....................