Photos from the desert ( Back in Dallas )

After a long road trip we arrived back in Dallas today and unloaded the truck.
Being back "home" again I wanted to take the opportunity to get behind the computer and share some links of photos of the project.
These sets are from Birdman and Smashy who have both been involved in building the project.
Here they are:

And I uploaded some pictures on the dreamyourtopia site as well:

more to follow.........


TV Free Burning Man

Check out the item done by TV Free Burning Man on the Playa at:



An extremely dusty last weekend made the Checkpoint appear even more surreal and ghostly.
Luckily the storms laid down, so we could dismantle the Checkpoint, leaving no trace in the process. Ashes to Ashes, Brains to Brains, Dust to Dust.

Another 1800 miles to go and we'll be home.
Once I'll wash all the dust of my brain I'll try to collect my thoughts and experiences and will post those on this blog.