Packing my suitcase


Central Trak Exhibition

“False Space and Time of the Apartment”

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 19, 7-9 pm
Exhibition dates: April 19 - June 16, 2008
Gallery hours: Wed. - Sun., 11 am- 5 pm

Featuring work by 10 U.S. and European artists, the show takes its title from J. G. Ballard’s 1969 novel Love and Napalm: Export U.S.A. A chronicler of the urban imagination, Ballard gives voice to Centraltrak. Taking its cue from the novel’s media-scape, the inaugural show is spatially bold and ambiguous, with work that is neither art nor architecture but somewhere in between. Projects will be shown by the San Francisco architecture firm Anderson and Anderson Architects, Dutch artist Dadara, Dallas sculptors and installation artists Lily Hanson and Tim Stokes, Houston installation artists Dean Ruck and Dan Havel, French architect Nathalie Wolberg, and German sculptor and installation artist Stefan Eberstadt.

Central Trak Gallery, 800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas , TX 75226


3D Animation Version 1.0

Well, here it is; the first version of the 3D animation of the Checkpoint!



Making Money

Shirley and Tim of Texasgraphics look as happy as if they've just robbed the bank :-)
Momentarily they're guarding all the Dream Currency bills they printed like the Fort Knox of Dreamyourtopia. Pretty soon I'll arrive in my armored truck to pick up all those bills and can call myself a rich man, in my Dreams...............


3D Animation

I am working currently with Michael Potts aka Blazing Sun of M2studio
on a 3D animation of the Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia in the desert.
A first rough version of the animation will be presented on the 19th of April at the opening exhibition at Central Trak , but we'll continue working on it to make it a cool short Big Dreamer video!
Check out this sneak preview picture (the bikini clad girls and bare chested boys will be replaced by guards in the final version...........)


Central Trak Artist Residency

After driving my Chevy Caprice 700 miles down from Espanola to Dallas, I arrived at the Central Track Artist Residency, meeting various people like Charissa Terranova, Director of the Artist Residency, Brent McMahan of Pathstudio, helping me out with the graphic part of the job, Eric of Shortbusproductions, whose woodshop I may use, various peeps from the Dallas Burner Community (Button, Taboo, SoccerMom, Angi, CapSmashy, Boarhead and many others ) as well as checking out my future studio-loft, and setting up for their "False Space and Time of the Apartment" exhibition, opening on the 19th of April.

Opening Reception will be on Saturday the 19th of April from 6.00PM-9.00PM
800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226


New Mexico

I have arrived in New Mexico and started working on the Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia Project,
using George Heidweillers beautiful dome and studio, set against the magnificent backdrop of the high desert mountains.
The logo signs of Dreamyourtopia have been cut out of wood, pages of the Passport have been designed and a bunch of shirts and camouflage gear printed with the logo.
Part of it will be presented at the " False Space and Time of the Apartment " exhibition at the Central Trak Gallery in Dallas on the 19th of April.
More info about the exhibition can be found at http://www.utdallas.edu/centraltrak/exhibitions/falsespace.htm