Dream Currency the Other Side

Until the Dreamyourtopia Project will become reality in August , most of it will only exist in Cyberspace. The advantage of this virtual reality is that it can reach people all over the Globe. the downside of it all that nothing can be touched, smelt and felt, but it can only be enjoyed in pixelated form.

I completed the backside of my Dream Currency as well now. Before those Dream Notes make their way into the real world, I wanted to share them virtually with you.

The feeling of those painted Dream Bills might get lost though in digital translation.
So I included a few details to give that painted, detailed feeling on your computer screen as well........


Burning Blast from the Past

This new Burning Man Project inspired me to upload a movie I made together with Jesse Limmen in 2004 about my two previous Desert Projects;
the Burning Greymen http://www.dadara.nl/burningman
and the Fools Ark http://www.dadara.nl/foolsark

It's a part animated, part documentary movie, using footage from those two projects intertwined into an audio-visual journey through forgotten worlds to tell the tale behind the project, guided by the music of British band Lamb and sound effects by Lamb's Andy Barlow.

"Far away in the Unknown Territories still not discovered by the Evil Eye of the Kingdom of Greed, a few men are building an Ark to save the few fools left on earth from corporate evil..."

Here it is, cut up in six parts:



Utopia and Dream Currency

After my initial post about the Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia project on Burning Mans eplaya forum http://eplaya.burningman.com/viewtopic.php?t=23658
a few weeks ago a lot has happened...........

Quite a few people have mailed me offering their support. The Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia Website being one of the results. Big credits to Scotto for that one! People like him and many others make one realize that Utopia may rear its beautiful head not only for one week in a harsh desert environment, but Utopian bits and pieces are shattered all over the Globe. Sometimes they might even be waiting for you around the Corner. Other times you might have to create them yourself, but it's all doable.

First of April I am flying to the US for a first preparatory visit. Visiting friends in New Mexico, with whom I want to work on the Dreamyourtopia project and afterwards driving to Texas to present the Project on the 19th of April at the opening exhibition of Central Track, the Artist Residency of the Dallas University in Texas, where I'll be staying later this year.

Anyone who is interested in helping me with this project can always mail me using the form on the Dreamyourtopia website. At the moment I'm especially looking for a printer to help me with printing the Passport to the Land of your Dreams.

At the same time Thera Hillenaar, costume designer and my girlfriend, is flying to Bali to get the costumes made for the Checkpoint guards and interrogators.

Apart from all the help already offered to me, of course in the real world I'll also need a lot of money to make this Dream come True. So I decided to print my own Dream Currency (see image above).............


Welcome to the Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia Weblog. You've probabably entered this blog through the Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia website. If you haven't entered this blog through official custom procedures, then please first take a look at www.dreamyourtopia.com
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