Passport to the Land of Dreams

I am currently designing the pages of the Passport to the Land of Dreams.

It features special visa pages, which you can use to collect the necessary stamps to obtain permission for entering your own Dreams
It features texts in many languages, amongst them Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish and others. (thanks to Durgy, R.E.L., Boudewien, Mieke and Kaoru for the translations)

If you want to receive a Passport to the Land of Dreams from your nearest immigration officer, please fill out Immigration Form - WXRZYQ SFG 23587-492 A by downloading it from :


Immigration Form WXRZYQ SFG 23587-492 A

Immigration Form WXRZYQ SFG 23587-492 A is available now for download from the
Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia website at:

Please print out the Form, fill all out and bring it with you to the Officer on Duty operating the Checkpoint. Or scan in your form and email it to ( dadara (at) dadara.nl )
Or send it by snail mail to Dadara, Department of Dreamland Security, Central Trak, 800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226, USA .

Please Understand that any False or Fantasized Statements Might Jeopardize the Treaty between Reality and Dreams as Formulated and Established in the Second Utopian Convention, as ratified by 167 countries and 3 planets, and May Result in the Refusal of a Dream Visa, thus meaning Permanent Confinement within the Borders of Reality for Up to Three Consecutive (After)Lives.

At your Service

Keep on Dreamin'


Dreamland Security Recruitment

The Department of Dreamland Security has Started Recruitment. Since securing a No-Nightmare Dream Environment is a very serious Task, the Department has started recruiting at a very early Age.

This provides us with the Opportunity to prevent the serious Threat of the Brainwashing of our Youth by Anarchist Dream Activist Groups endangering the existing Treaty as Established during the Second Convention of Utopia between Reality and the DreamWorld.......

To Serve and Protect.


The Department of Dreamland Security will prevent other people from entering your Dreams and turning them into nightmares. To serve and protect and be visible as your beacon in inner Dream Turmoil our Dreamguards had special Dream Combat Fatigues made in Bali, Indonesia under the supervision of designer Thera Hillenaar.