Central Trak Artist Residency

After driving my Chevy Caprice 700 miles down from Espanola to Dallas, I arrived at the Central Track Artist Residency, meeting various people like Charissa Terranova, Director of the Artist Residency, Brent McMahan of Pathstudio, helping me out with the graphic part of the job, Eric of Shortbusproductions, whose woodshop I may use, various peeps from the Dallas Burner Community (Button, Taboo, SoccerMom, Angi, CapSmashy, Boarhead and many others ) as well as checking out my future studio-loft, and setting up for their "False Space and Time of the Apartment" exhibition, opening on the 19th of April.

Opening Reception will be on Saturday the 19th of April from 6.00PM-9.00PM
800 Exposition Avenue, Dallas, TX 75226

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